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Tony Smario

Tony Smario is a philosopher, sailor, surfer, inventor, and writer, who has led a life of adventure in both body and mind, always seeking the further star.

He learned to surf big waves in Hawaii, restored a wooden boat and sailed the ocean single handed, and continues to invent eco-based products and technology for the surfing industry.

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Tony writes from the heart, exploring deep and meaningful subjects, as well as practical ones, with straightforward prose and unflinching passion. Tony's writing, which has appeared in various sources over the years, from sailing journals to political commentaries, mirrors Tony's life - adventurous, colorful, and reflective.


Some blame Tony's star sign of 'Sagitarious' for his inquisitive and unsatisfied nature, he's always pushing the status-quo for the next progression. Tony continues designing, creating, and inventing unique products for the surf industry, and has for over 20 years, including the world's only 3-piece fin system for surfboards.


Tony was introduced to sailing as a child, by his father. In Hawaii, in the 1990's, Tony worked on all manner of commercial and charter boats, both sail and power, ingraining in him a love and respect of the sea. In 2004, Tony left Hawaii to chase his childhood dream of restoring and cruising his own sailboat, which he did for the following decade, until the next life changing events took the helm of Tony's life, and he traded his sailboat for a Hawaiian outrigger canoe in Mexico!

On the move

Tony shares his traveling stories. From across, the US, Mexico, Hawaii and Europe. His goal is to travel, write, and make sailing adventure films on restored wooden sailing vessels all around the world.

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