Tony Smario

Tony Smario is a philosopher, sailor, surfer, inventor, and writer, who has led a life of adventure in both body and mind, always seeking the further star. He learned to surf big waves in Hawaii, restored a wooden boat and sailed the ocean single handed, and continues to invent eco-based products and technology for the surfing industry.

All his life, Tony has sought the answers to life’s puzzling questions of ultimate reality and the significance of human existence, unsatisfied with society’s accepted confusion.  In addition to many articles and blogs, Tony Smario has written a full-length screenplay, a novella, and a guide book, before producing his most important work, ‘Metaphysics of Love’, in answer to his own life-long search for answers.



Tony left home after high school to travel the country and search for his life’s meaning.  He found his first home in Hawaii, falling in love with the tropical surf, and the generous hearts of Hawaiian people.  After many years healing from the pain of losing his younger brother to cancer, Tony’s childhood dream led him to Sausalito, California to buy an old wood sailboat, and recondition her.  Named, ‘Mana’, she would be Tony’s home for the next 9 years, and he would sail her single-handed, with his Hawaiian dog ‘Pono’, up and down the coast of California, and eventually to Zihuatenejo, Mexcio.  In Mexico, Tony wrote the novella, ‘Henry the Dolphin’, about a sailor that falls off his boat mid-ocean and is rescued by a tribe of bottlenose dolphins, who impart a different kind of awakening to the sailor.

A few years earlier, in Hawaii, Tony wrote a full-length screenplay about a surfer who loses his brother tragically, and must reconcile his pain and loss, and face his greatest fear.  After sailing to Mexico, the first notes and insights that would become, ‘Metaphysics of Love’, are penned, though they remained a work in progress, and ‘Mix – A Modern Guide to Fabulous Cocktails’, was written in response to the request of a friend.

The easy Mexican life, the good surf, and a certain tree, brought another change to Tony’s life.  A type of wood used along the central west coast of Mexico, called ‘Perota’, is a traditional ship building wood, that today is used for doors and windows because it resists rot and insects.   It happens to be one of the few woods in the world suitable for surfboard construction, and certainly the rarest.  Tony donated ‘Mana’ to a good cause, as she was in need of much restoration after a decade at sea, and took up the process of creating unique, all-wood surfboards, paddles, and fins, that are highly esteemed, and may be seen at

Meanwhile, living ashore, and the relaxed pace of coastal life in Mexico, brought the ‘Metaphysics of Love’ notes into constant reflection for Tony, and the result is the most unique philosophical treatise in modern time, exploring the human concept of ‘love’, not as a religious relic or mythological anecdote, but as the metaphysical explanation of ultimate reality.

Tony lives with his dog, ‘Pono’, on the west coast of central Mexico, building wooden surfboards, with plans to build outrigger canoes from the beautiful ‘Perota’ wood, and surfing and writing as often as possible.